Auto Detailing

It started with “Car Wash Sunday” a few years ago… it was a ritual, if you will. Like clockwork at 12:00 noon every Sunday, 102.3 KRCQ does its weekly Polka Party music. Most people change the station to something a bit more trendy, less dorky – not me! I turn it up and find my rhythm. Crank it up, pull out the vacuum, dash wipes, soap and shammy. The Polka Party lasts 2 hours – the perfect amount of time to clean, detail, wash and dry a car. I started posting my “Car Wash Sunday” on my Snapchat and Instagram – offering a free car wash to anyone who will bring me a Bloody Mary (still no takers). But this Sunday tradition has turned into somewhat of a ritual – some go to church, I go to the shop. It’s a way for me to clear my head – reflect on the week prior and prepare for the week ahead. It is what has brought me to start a side gig – make some extra money….

Welcome to teeemwrk Auto Detailing – officially established in 2019! Specializing in providing quality interior auto detailing of cars, trucks and SUVs. Although, I have also done my share of power washing on cattle bunks, creep feeders, pontoons, side-by-sides, etc; basically, if Tom gets something dirty, I’ll clean it.
My services offered include:

  • Interior Detail (Cars $60 / Vans, SUVs, Trucks $75) – double vacuum, double clean dashboard & vinyl, spot clean carpet &/ cloth seats, clean and condition leather, wipe windows
  • Exterior Wash (Add-on to Interior Detail for $25 / Stand-along pricing: Cars $35 / Vans, SUVs, Trucks $45 / Motorcycles $45 / Side-by-sides $50) – pre-soak, sponge wash entire body, brush clean tires & rims, underbody where reachable, double wash exterior windows, shammy wipe dry

I cater exclusively to what you, the customer needs, wants and desires. My performance is reflected on each and every vehicle I work on and I take pride in the work that comes through my door, making customer satisfaction my #1 priority!

If you’re not happy, I have not done my job.

Located just outside of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. I detail in my at-home heated shop, so harsh winter conditions are not an issue. I just ask for a bit more time so that the vehicle can dry properly before going back to the elements and risk freezing up. I prefer you drop off at my house and schedule for a ride, but if needed, I can accommodate and pick-up the vehicle at your location as well, for a small fee.

Thanks for visiting and, please reach out with any questions or inquiries you have. You can email me at, call or text 218-530-0159. Please follow me on Instagram at @teeemwrk.