My new crush!

I have recently become obsessed (that may be a bit strong of a word, I mean, I’m going to go ape-shit crazy and stalk the couple or anything) with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell… they are 100% #couplegoals!

I stumbled across Dax’s new podcast a while back… ok, stumbled is wrong… I saw something on his Instagram feed promoting it and I immediately went to the Apple Store and hit SUBSCRIBE right away….  I am an instant fan!

I have been familiar with all his guests so far… Ashton Kutcher, Joy Bryant, Kristen (his wife), Jimmy Kimmel +more…. there was one name I didn’t know – Van Hunt. I almost skipped right over it…. almost. Am I glad I didn’t! This is BY FAR my favorite episode thus far… this guy is genuine, humble, kind, smart, REAL! After finishing the episode, I immediately went to Pandora and searched for his station…. sorry Dax, you are taking a backseat….  I am officially OBSESSED with Van Hunt!