Like walking on clouds

I am a pretty basic person. My style can be described as casual… that is best case scenario. I like simple, classic pieces that are easy to wear and are versatile in their ability to go with anything. We can get into my clothing style (or lack thereof) later, today my  post is about shoes…. my favorite pair of shoes are a leopard print flat by OTBT. download.jpg

LOVE THEM!!! Dress them up or down, they look great with anything and everything. Over the past few years, I have tried on, and even bought, more pairs of OTBT flats and none of them compare to comfort and quality. I end up selling them on Poshmark or swap and shops just to declutter my closet.

Recently one of my Facebook friends put a link on her wall about “Save $20 on first order” for these cute little shoes that are apparently made of recycled water bottles (WTF?). It was Easter Sunday, by birthday was a week away, and I thought – what the heck, I’m going to splurge. I was a bit skeptical – is Facebook really the most reliable way to order a new product??? Worse case scenario, I could return the shoes and get my money back.

I went to the website ( and browsed the color selection… SO MANY CUTE STYLES! I decided on the grey camo – again… cute pattern and can go with just about anything without looking too ‘fancy’. I got an extra set of liners as well. They weren’t cheap ($115 for the order and that was after the $20 discount). I usually fall in the 9-9.5 size category and the size chart said they fit pretty true to size, so I ordered the 9. I anxiously awaiting their arrival and as soon as I got the sleek (also recycled) box, I ripped it open and put them on.

WOWZA! The testimonials were NOT wrong… they were soft, flexible, light and SUPER COMFY!

So bummed though, cuz when I walked around the house, I could feel my big toe touching the end of the shoe. DANG! The return process was easy… just tell them why, what size you would like instead, and they give you a return label to send back the box. I had to eagerly await my second box to come… which, to my surprise, only took 2 days.

Sorry leopard OTBT shoes, I will still wear you, but you have been replaced by my new Rothy’s Camo flats and I am sharing my “SAVE $20” link with all of you… click below to enjoy your first (and definitely not last) pair of these super cute (and environmentally friendly shoes)



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