Ugly Betty :D


So THIS is happening. I’ve never liked my smile. My mouth is very small. My front teeth don’t line up nicely. Pretty much all current photos of me I have a half-ass, closed-mouth smile. It doesn’t help that my boyfriend and his children all have beautiful, straight teeth, big smiles. I feel like the ogre that doesn’t belong. So, I’ve had a few consults over the past few years and am finally doing it. I keep thinking that if I would have just done it after the first consult, I’d be done by now.

So May 22 is the big day… they say the appointment will take 90 minutes and I will wear them for 17-20 months. If it gives me just a bit more confidence and I will actually smile in photos, it will be a win.

Now, if I can just commit to a workout plan and healthy eating.


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