This doesn’t suck

I have a confession. I have always wanted a cute, quaint outdoor space. A couple years ago, I finally got my boyfriend (Tom) on board… and by ‘on board’ I mean that I had basically started ripping out the grass and laying out the concrete size… by the time he got home to ‘discuss’ it, it was too far along to back up and undue it.

Actually, I can’t take all the credit – my dad is a contractor, concrete contractor to be exact. Not to brag, he was one of the first in the state to implement and use ICF forms for home foundations and was also one of the first to offer decorative and stained concrete. When I told him my plans, he jumped in his truck and was over here before I could say ‘hurry before Tom gets home’.

So, in a quick weekend the grass was ripped up and transplanted to another part of the lawn – the patio was set up, shaped, poured, stamped and colored – went to the outdoor store and picked out an AMAZING fire pit – hit the local flower shop to get a bunch of pots and plants and Amish built Adirondack chairs –

and  * BOOM * just like that my dream outdoor space was made.

Which brings me to my main point. I have started to dabble in blogging (let me know what you all think so far). I am not a skilled writer, but I can tell a colorful story from time to time. This is more or less my way of just letting go at the end of the day.

So, next time you are in small town Minnesota, stop by and have a cold beverage with me on my fancy patio.

That is all…


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