80 Day Obsession

I’ll admit it – I am my own worst critic. I have always played the comparison game with other women I am around. My hips are too big, my stomach is too round, my skin isn’t clear enough, my smile isn’t big enough, my hair isn’t thick and full, my clothes never look right, this and that, this and that, and you know what…

it’s all bullshit!

We all need to take a step back and take an honest look at ourselves and our habits that have gotten us to where we are. I have gotten the motivation to strip down my fridge and cupboards of the crap and fill it with fruits/veggies/whole grain goodness that is ‘good for you’ and consume that said goodness for a few weeks, only to not have spectacular results, so I give up on myself and go back to the Cheeto and frozen pizza hole of comfort. I have gotten the motivation to do a 30 day yoga challenge and quit 15 days in because of some bullshit excuse – which, let’s be honest, is just a bullshit excuse.

The current screensaver on my phone is… wait for it….

If you want to get fit, you have to only give up one thing – your excuses.

BOOM! Honest truth right there. My latest obsession – Beachbody On Demand 80 Day Obsession (see what I did there??) I am pushing myself more than I ever have and, you know what… I LIKE IT! I like the workouts – they are challenging. I like the timed nutrition – eat the right things WHEN you need them! Each day I complete workout, I change the background on my Apple Watch… that seems to keep me motivated to see that number climb.

Currently (June 2) I just completed day 19 – now, mind you, I have not done the workouts 19 days in a row…. I have a life… things come up. But for the days that I do skip – I try to do something… go for a bike ride, hike Halloway Hill, 30 mins of yoga or a quick run to the barn and back, foam-roll and stretch… just do something!

Sounds crazy, but I feel like I am getting stronger. I can feel my leg muscles getting tighter and my waist shrinking some. Is it noticeable in the mirror or to other people?? Don’t know – don’t care. I feel it!!! And technically, I am not even 3 weeks into this journey! Just think about what 3 more weeks will bring!