Quarter of the way There…..

I am currently on Day 22 of the 80 Day Obsession journey. So far, I really enjoy the workouts. I am still struggling with the timed nutrition. It seems that I am barely getting done eating one meal and I have to start on the next one…. there is SO MUCH FOOD!

It is usually at this point in my journey that I quit… I mean, I’ve been at it for just over 3 weeks and shouldn’t I see amazing, fabulous, bikini worthy results by now?? So, I go back to my Lays Kettle Chips and frozen pizza ways in complete defeat. Then this morning I had an epiphany! I am 1/4 of the way through this 80 day journey. There are people out there that rationalize and say things like ‘well, if you get one flat tire, you don’t slash the other three’ – well, no… only an idiot would do that. 

I am choosing to set my mind like this. I like going to the mountains. Loading up the trailer with snowboards and gear, getting in the vehicle at 4:00 in the morning and driving…. all… day…. long…..   Now, don’t get me wrong there is NOTHING fun about the drive from west/central Minnesota across North Dakota and half way through Montana to the final destination BIG SKY!!! BUT!! <this is a huge BUT> when you get there and get unloaded in the condo and can see the glorious Lone Peak from your window – IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT!!!

As I’m getting ready this morning, I thought during this journey, we don’t get tired of the drive at Jamestown and say ‘well, we’ve made it this far and the drive sucks, so lets just find a hotel and spend our vacation here… surely, we’ll find a hill of some sort to snowboard on’. HELL NO! Who in their right mind wants to vacation in Jamestown, North Dakota???? So – we keep driving…. slow and steady, we keep driving…. we keep eating right and doing the workouts…. and we get to the Badlands of western North Dakota. And we think ‘boy, we must be getting close, this is really beautiful here’… we start feeling/seeing the results of our eating right/working out habit – so, we feel good about ourselves and are motivated to keep going… then we enter into eastern Montana – nothing spectacular here… flat, boring, desolate land… maybe, a fitness plateau… but we keep driving, because again, why stop here and vacation in no-mans-land Montana… we keep driving… then you get a couple hours further west and you can feel the vehicle start to work a little more with the hills and valleys of the road… until you see it… you see the mountain ridge across the horizon… YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!!! YOU SEE IT!!! But stopping now, won’t get you there…. you keep at the nutrition, you keep at the workouts, probably pushing yourself even harder now…. because you are encouraged… your mood is better, you are sleeping better, you feel better, your clothes are fitting better, you are getting compliments and questions of what you are doing… and by now, it is a routine… it is a non-negotiable in your daily things to-do…. you know that if you skip a day, it’s not the end of the world, but you don’t feel right…. things don’t click like normal…. you don’t sleep as well….

The journey from west central Minnesota to Big Sky Montana is 13 hours – 1 day of driving. My current journey is 80 days… but when laid out in a timeline, the easy parts, plateaus, challenges, struggles, can look similar – and I am a quarter of the way there!



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