Car Wash Sunday

Okay – it wasn’t Sunday… it was actually Thursday. The upper midwest was blasted with a storm the day after Christmas and I had a personal day to use by the end of the year (the whole use it or lose it policy is absolutely ridiculous, but I’ll get to that in another post)… so I did something that I never do – insert drum roll – I called in to use a personal day. I only get 2 a year – and I had one unused one… so why not!

I woke up early and drank my coffee while catching up on some Netflix. I went to town to get mail and some groceries. Dropped off Toms daughter to get her birthday present installed on her car. Washed & detailed Toms sons truck (since he’s generous enough to let us use it as a second vehicle on our upcoming trip to Red Lodge). Took a nap. Made a big batch of soup. Helped Tom with some year end statements for Marty Electric. I was busy and I loved it and it was just what I needed.

I’ll be honest – I’m burned out and starting to get a bad attitude at my job. I love what I do – my customers are Ah-Maz-Ing! The work I do is pretty badass. But the stress of the RushRushRush – ShipShipShip – GetThisOutNow is getting old.

So I took a ME DAY!

It’s no secret that I have been bouncing around the thought of rearranging my life priorities for my mental happiness. I’m not going to lie – I make good money at my job – and I like what I do… mostly. But how great would it be to wake up every day and LOVE what is ahead!!! That’s my goal for 2019.

So, here’s to evenings and weekends doing what makes me happy! Here’s to side gigs to help me focus on what I enjoy. Here’s to living on a budget to not need the large income. Here’s to smiling. Here’s to energy. Here’s to positivity.

Wish me luck!