Just a small town Minnesota girl. I can ride horse, drive Bobcat, muck stalls and throw hay bales… all without breaking a nail. I am a graphic designer by trade and assistant cow herder by default. Always the gate opener, drink mixer and snack provider on our ‘date nights’. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything…

This site is a new venture for me. I am pretty solid in my design software – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign – and can hang in there with simple html code. I was actually self-taught in Dreamweaver, and built dozens of sites the old-shool way, way before WordPress was cool. However, I am very aware that this is where one needs to be on the web. Before diving full force in on a huge project, I am dabbling here and there and learning the little tricks that make WP click.

So far – so good. Wish me luck. 

If there are any WordPress experts out there that stumble on my little private site and have some advice or see something that is wrong – or right – please feel free to reach out and share your knowledge.  lana.grefsrud@gmail.com